About Alison's art

I like to print lots of different versions of a picture, making it up as I go along, recklessly repairing lots of mistakes in a panic until, with luck, at least one comes to life. This gives me the same sense of spontaneity and connection to the subject. 

I often use bright colours to try and capture the excitement and sounds of an activity that I love – music, dance, playgrounds, the seaside etc, but I also enjoy the empathy that comes with drawing and closely observing  people and this forms the basis of most of my work and the source of ideas.

I am honoured to be a member of Reveal - a group of ten printmakers who all graduates of the excellent Hot Bed Press Complete Printmaker course. We exhibit regularly at various venues n the North West and beyond.

I also get great inspiration from a group of artists at the Saturday Art Club - run by Penny Skerrett at the Z Arts in Manchester and Agata Alcaniz' crazy Life Drawing Plus sessions at Studio Bee in Faraday Street on Tuesday evenings. 


I call my method the design, despair and rescue technique. It goes like this: have a brilliant idea, get excited, draw it, collage colours, write notes, plan and execute, 

Be very disappointed. Take the results home and learn to hate them. Then, in a mixture of embarrassment, fondness and pity for something that took so much time and care and yet looks so ugly apply any measure available to beat it into a state that is fit to be seen.

Here is my Instagram feed @jmadscott