About Alison's art


2017 Sale Waterside Gallery: 4th August until 24th September. Exhibition by Reveal Printmakers

2017 5th July until 16th July. Cass Arts, Oldham St. Exhibiting with Reveal Printmakers

2017 24th til 27 Feb Reveal Printmakers at the Hepworth Print Show, Wakefield, Yorks

2017 May 24th til 7th June; A Week at Farfield - solo exhibition. Farfield Mill Sedburgh 

2016 11 Sept - 18 Sept Artist in Residence Farfield Mill, Sedburgh, Yorks

2016 2 - 11 Aug Reveal Printmakers Exhibition. R K Burt Gallery 57 - 61 Union St, London SE1 1SG

2016 April with Reveal Printers Kosmanaut, Tarrif Street Manchester

2016 May Sale Open, Waterside Gallery Sale, Manchester

2016 May - June. The Moments in Between Solo Show Dover Gallery, Farfield Mill, Sedburgh, Yorks

2016 24 - 25 Sept Manchester Buy Art Fair, Granada Studios, Manchester

2016 6 - 12 Oct Art on a Postcard Auction Moniker Art Fair, Old Truman Building, Brick Lane, London

2015 - 2016 with Cow Lane Printers at  Farfield Mill Sedburgh Yorks

2014 Sale Open Waterside Art Gallery Sale Manchester


I call my method the design, despair and rescue technique. It goes like this: have a brilliant idea, get excited, draw it, collage colours, write notes, plan and execute, 

Be very disappointed. Take the results home and learn to hate them. Then, in a mixture of embarrassment, fondness and pity for something that took so much time and care and yet looks so ugly apply any measure available to beat it into a state that is fit to be seen.